Hosting a Party? Here is what we recommend...

Updated: May 6, 2018

So you have people coming over this weekend and you start thinking back to all the other times you hosted an event at home. Next thing you know, you are having images of World War III in your head because getting a house and a family ready to host can be a TASK!

Relax, we have got some tips that can help calm the waters and give you smoother sailing through the preparations of hosting at home!

Get organized! We say this because a well thought out plan can save you from last minute panic. Here are the following things we recommend you make a list of (try to make this list at least 4 days before the big day)

- Food (are you cooking or ordering or a little bit of both?)

- Picking Menu Items ie. starter snacks, appetizers, mains and dessert. **Be sure when making this list you think of anyone who may be attending that has specific dietary concerns.

- Pre-planning your menu if you are ordering food then go ahead and place your order. **Be very specific about pick up times/delivery times and what to include with delivery (extra sauces, sides etc). If you are planning to make your own food, find your recipes and create a shopping list to make sure you are not scrambling last minute because you thought you had mayo in your fridge and it is actually growing unmentionables! Organizing your menu this way gives you a good mental picture of what you will need to do on the day of your event.

2. Household Cleaning, this is the second area we suggests you get organized ahead of time. Yes I know what you're is a 'day of' thing because things just get messy again - I totally agree. But we have a few tips to save you some time anyways.

- Delegate if you are able to delegate small cleaning tasks to family members the day of, this will make your life easier. Make a list before hand and let them know this is what they are responsible for on that day. Here are a few suggestions you can give little ones - cleaning up their toys, grabbing dirty towels from washrooms/kitchen and throwing them in the laundry, fixing up pillows on a couch or arranging shoes so guests have a place to keep theirs (think simple), some suggestions for the adults could be vacuuming, dusting, cleaning mirrors, taking out the garbage, and tidying up the bedroom and front entrances as first impressions are everything! These cleaning tips will help free up your time to tackle anything urgent that needs your attention.

3. Inventory Lastly we suggest making a list of items you will need the day of that may be stored away. Here are some examples - Special dishes you may want to use to serve food with, games to play, extra utensils/cups or extra bedding (if you have people staying the night) etc. If you can pull these things out a day or two early and keep them somewhere a little more accessible this will help tremendously.

We hope you enjoyed these simple tips on how to make hosting parties at home a little bit easier! If you are hosting a party at your place soon, we would like to a see a photo, upload it to social media at use the tag #thewifelylife to share!

Bonus Tip: Try to use as many disposable/dishwasher friendly things as possible to keep your clean up is quick and easy!

Thanks for reading!



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